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Design FormulaDesign Formula 

At Svaja theory and practice go hand to hand; we listen to both instinct and reason. Svaja introduces you to the pinnacle of craftsmanship and use of colour in studio glass sculptures, accessories for interiors, special gifts and awards through to architectural glass. The collaboration between tradition and innovation is essential to accomplish a successful design that respects the environment.


Visionary and ground breaking , Svaja's architectural glass is without doubt a blue print for hotels, restaurants, public and private spaces.
Out of ordinary contemporary design with a stylish sense of wellbeing...
Even limited space can be transformed into versatile, multi-function area that works and at the same time makes a style statement.
Don't be afraid of being dramatic with your wall art, wall panels, stairs, doors, even splash backs or shower cabinets!
We can provide an opportunity to create an exotic, different scheme that is more opulent and ornate - be adventurous! 


At Svaja you benefit from the convenience of a one - stop destination for Interior Accessories requirements. With the vast range of exclusive vases, plates, bowls, tea light holders, just decorative solutions, you can find inspirational interior design concepts in one place!
MANY CHOICES - ONE Destination!

Svaja breaks the boundaries of extraordinary design so you can enjoy unlimited pleasure in your space!
Nothing reflects your desire for perfection better!


Svaja knows how to elevate Glass paperweights , gifts and awards to a plain that makes them truly unforgettable - long lasting positive impressions ! We never stop searching for evolving ideas! Beauty and harmony - it's how you live.

We are trying to avoid boring concepts, traditional expectations. We love to make shapes fluid, energetic, exciting - don't expect what you can see around the corner...

Can you describe better a gift? Or well deserved Award?

They are simply perfect....