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About Svaja

Svaja International Limited, takes its name from the founder Kristina Svajone Bobs, for her name in native Lithuania, means ‘dream’. Kristina’s dream was that of creating and developing collections of usable, beautiful art in whatever medium.

From Svaja’s beginnings in 1999, Kristina has driven her company forward with a proven flare for designing glass that is celebrated across the world.

Over the years we have completed many prestigious projects for clients across the globe; from prominent luxury hotels and resorts to corporate headquarters and world class restaurants to fine boutiques, fashion and homes stores and exquisite private residences.

Our professional competence together with an unwavering commitment to quality has created a reputation that others aspire to.

We create great works that fuse form with function and our creative resourcefulness has transformed many a space to an oasis of effortless elegance and welcoming warmth.

Kristina Svajone Bobs

When I asked Kristina, Svaja’s co-founder and Creative Director, for a quote to introduce her interview she chose this from HH Sheikh Mohamed…

“Waiting has never been our choice in the past, nor is it in the present. We are always striving, anticipating the future and preparing for it.”

Kristina is known for her passion, drive and vision and these 26 words neatly sum up her approach. Here she treats us to an intimate chat about her past, her present and her future dreams…

Founder Kristina Svajone Bobs - Svaja

Company Values

The collaboration between tradition and innovation is essential to accomplish a successful design that respects the environment


Support and encourage diversity in cultures and traditions


Welcome differences in people and places


Take care in striving for sustainable and responsible production


Cultivate creativity and innovation

Company Philosophy

Since we borrow our environment from our children it is only right that we take care of all natural resources and consider every single aspect of our responsibility to the World.

We capture timeless luxury, carefully.

Stand out from the rest

Elevate your space with our amazing products