Marbles & Tiles in a luxury bathroom - Partnership - Svaja

Marble & Tiles

Svaja has formed a strong partnership with a leading European tile and natural stone manufacturer. This collaboration is centered around continuously enriching their portfolio with new collections of tiles inspired by various natural textures such as wood, concrete, and marble. The company offers a wide variety of designs, colors, and multi-format options, providing customers with the freedom to realize their boldest architectural visions in both commercial and residential spaces.

Collaboration with Marble and Porcelain Tile Manufacturers renowned for their artistic and luxurious tile designs

Svaja’s and partners commitment to utilising the most advanced technology in producing porcelain tiles for different areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, living room floors, and walls, showcases their dedication to functionality and durability. Additionally, their range of tiles extends to balconies, exterior facades, and large-format tiles, catering to various needs in the market.

The inclusion of marble, onyx, and quartzite slabs in their offerings, with thicknesses 2-3mm and sizes as large as 2900x1450mm, highlights their focus on providing a comprehensive selection to meet diverse requirements. Svaja and partners aim to create timeless and functional interiors that earn appreciation from clients worldwide.

Svaja’s partnership is an excellent source for high-quality tiles and natural stone products, to assist customers in designing and enjoying wonderful spaces with no limitations.

Marbles & Tiles in a luxury bedroom - Partnership - Svaja