Svaja International Ltd

An exclusive solution provider with trusted Partnerships

Welcome to Svaja International Ltd’s exceptional partnerships with exclusive manufacturers in the fields of doors, porcelain tiles, flooring, bespoke furniture, bronze sculptures, mirrors and interior design.

Svaja International Ltd is a renowned name in the luxury and bespoke design industry, known for its commitment to craftsmanship, creativity, and unparalleled quality.
We will delve into the key partnerships that have helped Svaja International Ltd establish itself as a global leader in delivering exclusive, high-end solutions to discerning clients.

Partnerships with Exclusive Door Manufacturers

Showcase the partnerships with manufacturers who specialise in crafting high-end doors with unique designs and materials.

Black door in luxury living room - Partnership - Svaja

Collaboration with Marble and Porcelain Tile Manufacturers renowned for their artistic and luxurious tile designs

Svaja has formed a strong partnership with a leading European tile and natural stone manufacturer.

The company offers a wide variety of designs, colors, and multi-format options, providing customers with the freedom to realize their boldest architectural visions in both commercial and residential spaces.

Marbles & Tiles in a luxury bathroom - Partnership - Svaja

Flooring Partnerships

Svaja International Ltd partnership with global flooring manufacturer known for their premium materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

This partnership enables to offer a diverse range of high-end, environmentally-friendly laminate flooring solution with several attractive features to its clients.

Flooring in a luxury living room - Partnership - Svaja

Furniture Design Collaborations

Svaja’s alliances with furniture designers and manufacturers, emphasising our commitment to excellence.

Luxury bar with lighting - Svaja

Bronze Sculpture Artisans

Introduce the partnerships with skilled bronze sculpture artisans, who create masterpieces that add artistic flair to interior and exterior spaces.

Artisan Bronze Sculptures - Partnership - Svaja

Interior Design Experts

The significance of exclusivity in luxury design.
Glass door in luxury living room - Partnership - Svaja


Mirrors have been an essential part of human life for centuries, both for practical and decorative purposes. They serve as functional items for personal grooming, dressing up, and checking one’s appearance.

Additionally, mirrors have played a significant role in interior design, creating an illusion of space and enhancing the aesthetics of a room.

Mirror in a luxury living room - Partnership -Svaja

The Uniqueness of Svaja International Ltd

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it; they just saw something and connected the dots. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”
— Steve Jobs

This implies that creativity is not about inventing something entirely new out of thin air but rather about combining existing ideas, concepts, or elements in innovative and unexpected ways. It’s like forming a new pattern by connecting dots that were already there.

The same applies to our concept of Svaja’s Partnerships. It seems obvious, however it requires a creativity.

Access to Exclusive Resources

Svaja's partnerships and access to artisans' skills and resources allow us to provide unique and exceptional services to the clients.

Client-Centric Approach

We aim to serve our clients better by being efficient, time-sensitive, and cost-conscious, ensuring they receive the best solutions that exceed expectations.

Positive and Passionate Work Environment:

At Svaja we value working with passion, positivity, and optimism, which translates into a more enjoyable experience for both clients and team members.

Dedicated Point of Contact

Svaja ensures personalized service by providing each client with a single dedicated point of contact to address their inquiries promptly.

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Svaja has a proactive attitude towards challenges, viewing them as chances to learn, improve, and excel in our work.

Shared Success

Your success is our success! We emphasise that our success is directly tied to our clients' success, and we have a strong commitment to achieving positive outcomes for those we serve.

Creative Approach

Creativity is a result of connecting existing knowledge and experiences in an intuitive and innovative way, especially within our partnerships with creative minds.