Black interior design sculpture - Partnership - Svaja

Interior Design Experts

The significance of exclusivity in luxury design.

The contemporary design philosophy emphasises smooth, polished surfaces, clean lines, and an uncluttered appearance.

It is not a cold place, but spacious and comfortable. It emphasises colour, texture, furniture and lighting.

Contemporary design is a non-traditional style that focuses on certain elements: Lighting is used to highlight specific pieces of art, such as paintings. Sometimes a collage of miniatures or an overlarge picture, a piece of furniture or an unexpected piece of material is used….

Svaja and partners  specialise in hotels, restaurants, private residences, and public places. With each offering us a unique opportunity to show our creative abilities, we are prepared to succeed.

Svaja International Ltd’s focus is on creating one-of-a-kind spaces for our clients. And these partnerships ensure a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. 

Expect the unexpected….

Blue Marble painting in a luxury living room - Framed Art - Svaja