Artisan Glass Triumphs: Svaja’s Journey to Dominating the Middle Eastern Market

In the heart of Surrey, Svaja, a company specialising in handcrafted architectural glass and handblown interior accessories, has achieved remarkable success by tapping into the lucrative Middle Eastern market. With invaluable support from the Department for Trade and Business (DTB), this Weybridge-based enterprise has witnessed a meteoric rise in sales.

Svaja’s expertise lies in the creation of exquisite artisanal glass designs, coveted by a diverse clientele spanning from luxury hotels and spas to prestigious art galleries and executive offices, boutiques and palaces. Their journey into exporting began when they recognised a growing international demand, particularly from design and architectural firms across the globe.

Since venturing into the Middle East in 2011, Svaja has clinched numerous prestigious contracts, solidifying its position as a preferred supplier in the region. While navigating the intricacies of foreign markets presented challenges, the unwavering support from the dedicated DTB team proved instrumental in overcoming barriers such as cultural differences and language barriers.

The Middle Eastern market, with all its complexities, became a realm of opportunity under the guidance of adept International Trade advisers armed with comprehensive tools, workshops, and incentives. Svaja’s success serves as a beacon of hope for other aspiring businesses, proving that with determination and the right support, the seemingly impossible can indeed become a reality.

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