Kristina’s Insights

“The first thing people say when seeing Svaja glass is “Beautiful, I love the colour”; but often they also think “Oh, where would I put it?  Is it too bright/modern/big for my space?”  Inspirational accessories will complete your interior but it can be difficult to make the right choices at first.  With a few pointers you can enhance your space and enjoy the dynamic clean lines of Svaja in your home, workplace, restaurant or hotel.

Colour block it

From catwalk to home, bold block of colours are hot news, injecting friction, pace and excitement to any space.  But how do you go bold in a room where you want to unwind and relax?  If your living space has a neutral colour scheme, you don’t want hot magenta and lime.  It’s all about palette and scale.  Colour blocking can have incredible impact when you go tonal, so choose dynamic Svaja pieces in shades that blend rather than shock.  Make an impact with rich, deep versions of your neutrals; calm things down with softer, more muted tones; but remember, always opt for bold, unfussy, angular shapes when you want this sophisticated, luxurious modern look.

Turn it up

If you need to add some adrenalin to your interior; or pull things together into a coherent scheme, a well chosen accessory can do the trick.  Heat it up with punchy, colourful Svaja pieces to add missing excitement in your home or public place.  Or use the sensual, organic nature of Svaja to reflect and tie a scheme together.  Many of our pieces contain a number of colours and finishes, so find one that complements the details on your existing accessories, furnishings or wall colours.

Mood setters

Create your perfect ambience by choosing accessories as mood setters across your space.  It may be relaxation in the bathroom, casual elegance in the lounge, or drama in the dining room: we have a Svaja piece to help you achieve it.  Large, dynamic architectural shapes will have massive impact in a minimalist setting and create instant friction and energy.  Pieces with luscious fluidity and distinctive classical detailing will reinforce the warm sophistication of a social space.  Or conjure up bright memories to bring some personal resonance to a room – our colourful Angel Fish will transport you to tropical climes, while a piece of Cloak of Neringa will bring the tranquillity of Cinnamon Bay straight into your space.

Space age

Hi-tech heaven at home or work, but it’s feeling a little sterile and uptight?  Move the remote controls out of the way and add a dash of life with one or two future-proofed accessories.  A carefully-picked piece of Svaja will send out the right signals: it’s possible to chill out and relax here too.  Check out our Mystique glass sculpture or Amber Coast wall panels – theses could help you bridge the gap between stark futurism and the comfort of reality.

Boutique hotel

Bring your interior bang up to date.  The clean lines, the comfort, the polished finish, what’s not to like?  Mirages in White, one of our latest creations, will help you achieve five star hotel-style glamour instantly.  Uber luxurious and deliciously on trend, it’s white hot!

Compact living

When space is limited, you can still stamp it with your personality and create a mood.  Look for small space solutions: accessories that’ll alter the scale and are eclectic, not expected.  Pieces such as Svaja’s Portofino vase or our large Orchid panel in scarlet will reflect light and give an impression of greater space.

Wide open

As more and more of us bring down the walls and move towards flowing, open-plan living, we need to be clever in the way we demarcate function and mood.  Kitchen/living spaces are a perfect example – utility with glamour!  Clear zoning with intelligent furniture arrangements can be tied together with accessories in linking colours and motifs to send out the message: we are one beautiful whole with a few specialised parts.  Link things up with Svaja pieces from the same collection or by choosing a limited palette of contrasting colours and using them in groups across your space – walls, dining space, coffee table, fireplace.  Your aim: for everywhere to look good, from every angle.”