Kristina – winner of Hot Mommas Project Competition!

Kristina is a Hot Momma! “We were thrilled to announce that Kristina, , has won the Northern Europe category of the Hot Mommas Project Case Study Competition 2012 -2013! She is the first winner from our region and we are so proud of her!” The Hot Mommas Project is an award-winning women’s leadership research venture […]

Architectural Digest Design Show – New York 2013

In 2013, the Architectural Digest Design Show at New York’s Pier 94 witnessed a remarkable debut – Svaja USA LLC, a prominent name in the world of art glass, decided to participate. The decision seemed audacious, but as the saying goes, “It seems impossible until it’s done.” With unwavering enthusiasm from their US partners, Svaja […]

Elevate Your Space with Glass Interior Accessories

Do you ever feel like your living space needs a fresh touch? One of the most captivating ways to transform your environment is by changing your interior accessories. And when it comes to elegance, nothing quite matches the allure of glass interior accessories. In this blog, I’m going to show you how to elevate your […]

Kristina Svajone Bobs interview by Sarah Christophers

Founder Kristina Svajone Bobs - Svaja

When I asked Kristina, Svaja’s co-founder and Creative Director, for a quote to introduce her interview she chose this from HH Sheikh Mohamed… “Waiting has never been our choice in the past, nor is it in the present. We are always striving, anticipating the future and preparing for it.” Kristina is known for her passion, […]

Kristina’s Insights

Kristina Svajone Bobs in Abu Dhabi - Svaja

“The first thing people say when seeing Svaja glass is “Beautiful, I love the colour”; but often they also think “Oh, where would I put it?  Is it too bright/modern/big for my space?”  Inspirational accessories will complete your interior but it can be difficult to make the right choices at first.  With a few pointers […]